The advantage of nylon retainer

 The advanage of nylon retainer 

Nylon retainer is widely applicated in needle roller bearing,such as drawn cup needle roller clutch and bearing assemblies, radial needle roller and cage assemblies, drawn cup needle roller bearing.  Powerlong precision machinery summarized some advantages of nylon retainer as followers.

1,The material has lower density and higher speed characteristics.

2,It has better corrosion resistance than metal materials.

3,The material has certain elasticity and has certain buffering effect on the rolling body

4,Low friction coefficient, more conducive to high-speed rotation, low requirements for lubrication

Powerlong supply several types of retainers,such as cage for cylindrical roller bearing, cage for thrust roller bearing, cage for needle roller bearing. The quality is also guranteed by our production and inspection equipment, for example, roughness tester,moisture tester,tension tester and so on.

As for injection strength,Injection molding department currently has 19 employees, there are 3 employees with more than 10 years of experience in the master.This department is the direct production of products of the department, the number of the department is relatively less than the mold department.The head of the department is an old master with 20 years of working experience, who has deep research on the cage.

Time: 2023-03-31


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