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Function of drawn cup needle roller clutch

The function ofdrawn cup needle roller clutchis to make a certain element can only rotate in a certain direction and lock in another direction.The clutch can be devided into roller type and wedge type.Generally speaking,the former is commonly used.Of course,in the automatic transmission,one-way clutch is not limited to···

Usage of one-way clutch

One-way clutch can be devided into roller type one-way clutch and wedge type one-way clutch. Changzhou powerlong precision machinery specialized inneedle roller clutch bearing.One-way clutch, commonly known asone-way bearing, is also only a single direction (clockwise or counterclockwise direction) transmission of mech···

Factors affecting bearing life

There are many factors may affecting bearing working life, here are some main factors need paying special attention to.1,the coordination of bearing and bearing seat holeThe biggest influence factor of the running accuracy and the length of the life of bearings comes from the matching accuracy of the bearing seat holes···

The advantage of nylon retainer

The advanage of nylon retainerNylon retainer is widely applicated in needle roller bearing,such as drawn cup needle roller clutch and bearing assemblies, radial needle roller and cage assemblies, drawn cup needle roller bearing. Powerlong precision machinery summarized some advantages of nylon retainer as followers.1,T···

When should one-way needle roller bearing be replaced?

When shouldone-way needle roller bearingbe replaced?1,Drawn cup needle rollerbearingsand bushing are not wearing parts.As long as it can be locked without slipping phenomenon can continue to use.2,The shaft sleeve is often deformed because of excessive force when the screws of the main gear drive on the tail drive, and···

How to assemble heavy-duty needle roller bearing without inner ring

How to assembleheavy-duty needle roller bearing without inner ringThe installation of full needle bearings is usually carried out using auxiliary sleeves,theauxiliary roller or sleeve supports the needle to prevent it from falling off.As the needle roller bearing moves inward on the journal, the auxiliary roller and sl···

Reasons for damages of needle roller bearing

Reasons for damages ofneedle roller bearingGenerally speaking, 33.3% of the damage of needle roller bearings is due to fatigue damage, 33.3% of needle roller bearings are due to poor lubrication, and another 33.3% is due to the improper disposal of pollutants into bearings or equipment.Fine dust and the surrounding env···

Selection method of needle roller bearing

Selection method of needle roller bearingNeedle roller bearingbearingis a kind of precision mechanical supporting element, bearing users deeply hope that the bearing installed on the host machine can not be damaged and maintain its dynamic performance in the predetermined use period, but the objective fact is sometimes···

Talking about the processing process of needle roller bearings

The production process of needle roller bearings:The production process of needle roller bearings includes blank forming; deburring; heat treatment, coarse, fine, and final grinding rolling surface; super-finishing rolling surface or sawdust polishing and other processes. In the early stage,needle roller bearingsneed t···

Factors of rolling bearing performance

Several factors of rolling bearing performance The structure ofrolling bearingincludes: outer ring, inner ring, rolling parts, cage, lubricating grease, sealing parts.The corresponding surface of the inner ring and the outer trap is provided with a groove for rolling parts, and a sealing ring installation groove and an···


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